Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ron Maclean, call your agent

Maybe something good will come out of the NHL lockout after all.

The impending cancellation of the hockey season, combined with CBC being outbid tomorrow for the 2010 and 2012 Olympics broadcast rights, would provide an excellent impetus to disband CBC Sports permanently.

We can talk about the news and original programming another day; for the CBC to be competing against private broadcasters to host Olympic coverage is evidence in itself that CBC Sports is not "filling a void". And spare me the tears about amateur sports coverage. We have three 24-hour sports channels that need to fill airtime; if there is any demand whatsoever for amateur sports coverage, one or more of them will provide it. (And if there is no demand, I reject the premise that CBC Sports should be "meeting" it).

I have no real beef with the job CBC Sports does (Armitage notwithstanding). But much like the Beer Store, the fact that a government organ discharges a particular task reasonably well is not, in itself, an adequate reason for it to retain the task in perpetuity. And if you disagree, you'd better be prepared to concede the corresponding position - that poor performance is in itself a reason to privatize government tasks. I got yer can o' worms right here.

UPDATE: Bingo!

Also, per Nancy's correction in the comments, the Beer Store is not a government organ; it's a monopoly that exists at the pleasure of the government.


At 7:31 p.m., Blogger Nancy said...


The Beer Store is not a government organ. It is owned and operated by Molson, Labatt, Sleeman and the rest of the Brewers of Ontario after that. It is simply a distribution system that works, with prices regulated by the government.

I've worked for both the CBC and the Beer Store, strangely enough, and I feel the same way about both of them. I like what they do, but if someone can come up with something better, then tell us about it.

At 8:06 p.m., Blogger Jay said...

Something better would be eliminating all government-granted priviledges to CBC Sports (funding) and The Beer Store (monopoly) and let consumers decide whether they are worth supporting on their own merits.


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