Friday, March 25, 2005

Attention, citizens of Ontario

You have my deepest sympathies for having a premier who is lacking in shame on a level spectacular even for a politician.

I figured this "promise" would be the most obvious example I read this week; then I clicked on Jardine this morning:
Dalton McGuinty paid a visit to a bullying conference on at the Congress Centre...

"...Hopefully our children will grow up in a world, where their children will have very little experience when it comes to bullying."

Unfortunately, Daddy's Liberal government is not setting a very inspiring example for the children of tomorrow.

Read it all, of course. It's looking like this assessment by Colby Cosh from August was a little optimistic:
They say in the 12-step recovery programs, and they say wisely, that the first step in curing a disorder is admitting you have one. On Tuesday, the beleaguered Premier of Ontario finally hit what alcoholics call "rock bottom."

"My name is Dalton M., and I have a credibility problem ..."


At 1:22 p.m., Blogger Jay said...


"Cynicism" is a politician's term for "hatred of politicians."

Bang on, as always.


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