Monday, March 14, 2005


Cosh has a nice little roundup of the Brier final and Team Ferbey. A few of my own quick thoughts:
  • I'm already nervous for the Ferbey Four at the Trials in November. By any other measuring stick, they've earned the right to represent Canada in the Olympics.
  • I think Rocque is going to be a tremendous skip someday after this team disbands. His ice vision seems adequate, but more than that, he really showed to me over the last two games that his decision-making would be excellent, as in, "aware of the fact that the rocks are thrown by humans, whose heads contain things besides 'line' and 'weight'". In the Friday game, he basically talked Ferbey out of making Nedohin throw a shot he didn't seem to want to (in the 8th?) for questionable reward-to-risk, and it panned out perfectly. And as Cosh notes, Nedohin was a little outwardly jumpy yesterday, and it seemed to me like Rocque who made it all better.
  • Speaking of disbanding, I'll guess right now that in 5 years, Pfeiffer is skipping his own rink, Ferbey has his own less competitive rink, and Rocque moves into the third/skip role with Nedohin and a new front-end.
  • Anyone else wondering how stupid it was for Scott Russell to be interviewing Steve Moss last night on How to Play in an Arena? ("Don't ask me, Scott, I went 0-11." If only.)
  • And this is really stupid, but, I was driven to distraction watching Alberta for the first part of the week. Scott Pfeiffer had a buzz-cut the previous 4 Briers, and suddenly he's out there with an honest-to-God "hairdo". I kept visualizing this scene in my mind:
Pfeiffer walks into barbershop with massive mop of hair.

Barber: "Scott Pfeiffer, I haven't seen you in..20 years!"

Pfeiffer: "Give me the usual."

Man, that's immature. Meh.


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