Monday, March 14, 2005

I have to warn you Selley, this is my weak argument

I hope you're reading Tart Cider regularly. While I'm sticking with my principle that "it would be ugly" (or "there is virtually no chance of reaching a consensus") is not a good enough reason to forsake open debate about a given topic, I think he's argued pretty convincingly why we don't want to have an abortion debate. (And note that he's doing it while stating that abortion is immoral on a non-trivial level).

Selley's other killer post this weekend shows again that while bias may be a real problem, the media's worst failing is its incompetence, or more specifically, the non-priority institutionally assigned to critical thinking.
Second of all, though there are indeed plenty of stories of "travellers stuck with little hope of compensation," they all appear to be crap. As every article about Jetsgo's demise has stated, those who purchased their tickets with a credit card are covered. That's everyone who bought his or her ticket online.

He then muses that when travel agents say booking through a travel agent is "the safest, most competent way to travel", it's idiocy to take that at face value. And then he finishes:
That this situation might "raise doubts about online booking" is both ridiculous and entirely befitting of a country and a mass media that couldn't think its way out of a paper bag.

That's so unpleasantly close to the mark, I'm glad I had a beer in my hand when I read it. Although for the record, I still agree with this sentiment, and I hope Chris isn't rethinking it:
I don't subscribe in any large sense to the "Canada is useless and irrelevant and let's all just hate ourselves" school of political thought...
Also, check out the amusing and original construction of the Tart Cider blogroll.


At 6:59 p.m., Blogger Jay said...

I blogrolled Selley on the basis of his "Knight Rider Redux" feature alone...


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