Monday, March 07, 2005


So let's see:
  • A lot of people like gambling and porn
  • Canadian bloggers haven't "taken down" a media giant
  • Most blogs suck
  • Most comments on blogs suck
  • Most blogs, even the good ones, could be better with an editor
  • Canadian conservatism, if defined as "a united opposition to lefties and Liberals", is weak
  • People who are anti-abortion aren't willing to compromise
  • Criticizing the U.S. and Bush is safe and popular in Canada
There's a list of pretty uninteresting statements; most of them are obvious nearly to the point of self-evidence.

But apparently, if I phrase them differently (with the help of a good editor, shurely!), I can call it insightful criticism, and get it published on page A15 of The Globe & Mail! (├×alan)

I'd have trouble articulating exactly why I run this blog. But here's two of the non-reasons:
  1. To get the Conservative Party of Canada elected, by hook or by crook
  2. To fish for a job as a newspaper columnist

My own abilities aside, this may explain to certain observers why my blog is an admittedly poor mechanism for achieving either.


At 1:55 p.m., Blogger Sean McCormick said...

3) Blog hosting at $10/mth is cheaper than a good psychologist at $150/hr

4) There's no joy like the joy that comes from helping along the ulcers of people you don't like (hi Normie!)

5) 'Cuz chix0rz dig bl0gg3rz


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