Monday, March 07, 2005

It's funny because I don't live in Winnipeg

Looks like the folks at the Winnipeg Free Press have taken note of the fact that more people than ever are getting their news from TEH INTARWEB. Strategy going forward? Portray blogs as even more uniformly leftie than their own content!

One sentiment I read a lot about Pink Lloyd's now-famous open letter was, "I thought it was a parody at first." That could possibly apply even moreso to the WFP follow-up, Cyberspace World all abuzz over Axworthy's Rice rebuke:
A well-established critic of the Bush administration, Axworthy normally uses the restrained language of diplomacy he learned while serving as Canada's foreign minister.

In contrast, the letter to Rice has been dubbed by some blog fans as a professional wrestling-style "smackdown".

The cherry on top of this is The Hack's update, where he notes the WFP ran a sidebar titled "Sample of responses from the blog world", consisting entirely of comments at the Daily Kos.

How is it possible to run a piece on the topic of "reaction to Axworthy's open letter to Rice" and not acknowledge, let alone cite, a single sentence fragment of negative reaction? I'm not sure. I do know that The Hack's post reads like he's about to cry at the end.


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