Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Zing, heh, etc.

Inkless Wells and Occam's Carbuncle appear to be engaging in an unwitting, sort of mots justes showdown, and the results are thrilling.

The Liberal Party is an ancient and deep-rooted, albeit fruitless, vine, whose tendrils are anchored deep in the mortar of this country.

One guy actually emailed me to complain that the Captain appears to have political motivation. A blogger? Politically motivated? Fetch my smellin' salts, Clementine!

It’s becoming pretty clear that only a man with a bag of muck tied over his head could have missed what was going on in Quebec. Even if he was perfectly ignorant, I don't think plausible stupidity is a very desirable characteristic in a Prime Minister.

The UK Tories launch their campaign with the slogan....wait for it...

"Are You Thinking What We're Thinking?"

Well, gee, I don't know. Are they thinking their adman must be on crack? Because if so, I'm thinking precisely what they're thinking!

You're up, Alan.


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