Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Allergy sufferers love the climate!

So anyway, having been on vacation for a week, I really don't care about politics right now.

St. John's was fantastic. Awesome scenery. Great company. Beautiful place to stay. Incredible settings for the wedding and reception we attended.

Weather? Well, you gotta have something to complain about, right? This picture of Signal Hill was taken from the balcony of our B&B during the 15 minute sunshine break in St. John's last week.

A couple more photos to follow, if I'm happy with this Flickr setup. Good to be back in L.A.!


At 7:34 p.m., Blogger Nancy said...

I knew you'd like St. John's, Matt. The people are just awesome, and the hospitality is mind-blowing.

Now tell me, son: Were ya screeched in?

(I avoided the ritual, myself.)


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