Monday, May 02, 2005

It's Redneck Christmas!

Here in Lethbridge, today is the first day of what is officially called "Spring Cleanup". The City hires extra contractors, and they go around picking up virtually any kind of garbage you want to leave out, no bags necessary.

I've posted before that in Southern Alberta, most of the salt-of-the-earth, make-it-on-your-own rhetoric is a bunch of crap. One thing that's not a myth, though, is the (ahem) thriftiness of many of my fellow citizens.

Among other things, I've put out a stroller with a wheel broken off, a filthy sandbox with a non-functioning high-hoe attachment, and a propane BBQ manufactured during the Diefenbaker administration. I fully expect many of these items to be gone from my alley before the City comes to haul them away.

And may I say, congratulations to the lucky dumpster-divers. I've been to several spring barbecues where the backyard furniture was newly-appropriated couches with sheets spread over them. And I'm only slightly ashamed to say that I have a "cooler" in my backyard that was originally someone's cast-iron bathtub; the addition of a hinged plywood lid was a minor and worthwhile bit of carpentry.

It's also about as easy to move as a snooker table, so I expect that when the day comes that I sell my house, the cooler will be included. (Free, natch.)


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