Thursday, May 26, 2005

Oh, just look at it

I've made a few additions to the blogroll. The London Fog and The Tiger in Winter are two very good Canadian blogs that I've ignored for far too long. I've also added Punditry By the Pound and The Agitator. Gene Healy seems enjoyably grumpy, as exhibited here.

Radley Balko is rather prolific, and has been fighting the good fight on a couple of fronts, most notably of late hammering on the U.S. DEA for (1) targeting doctors and pharmacists who prescribe pain medication and (2) either bragging about it or denying it depending on the audience.

On a lighter note, today Balko points us to the Phallic Logo Awards. Possibly not safe for work, if you work in a church or amongst many nosy pre-teens. My only comment is, despite the quality (and hilarity) of the nominees, no judges in the history of contests have ever had such an easy time picking a winner.


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