Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Room in your foxhole for me, Jay?

I am ceasing comment on partisan politics, effective immediately. Our country has not a single (elected) political party with principles that are not, to borrow a phrase, "entirely mutable in the face of urgent political goals". That defines the Liberals, of course, and has for years. The Conservatives change their minds about something every five minutes. The Dippers no longer have any claim on moral consistency. As the Babbler wisely pointed out, they are willing today to disregard parliamentary conventions and non-statutory rules, despite the fact that virtually all their "rights" as a fourth party derive from these conventions.

So, they can all go to hell. Beyond that, I'm becoming more and more enamoured with Jardine's principled anti-voting stance. And none of this is to mention that the Liberals lost in Lethbridge by a 3-1 margin last time, so truly, my one vote does not make a difference.

Luckily, there's all sorts of other good things to blog about. There's still public policy, as well as sports, tee-vee, and the various travels that Equipe Fenwick will be undertaking through September. Yay! Time to start having some fun around here.

Speaking of which, if you really feel bad for Peter Mackay, the medicine is obvious. In a few weeks (maybe six), he needs to show up in public with a date. A hot date. Preferably a woman of some reknown; maybe an actress or singer. And most importantly, she must be at least several years younger than Belinda. This is 100% guaranteed to frost the new Minister's ass, even if everything else in her life is sunshine and lollipops.

Come on, Peter - return the burn! Who's the best candidate for the new lady? Nominations are invited in the comments.


At 2:11 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice. I was looking forward to hearing whether you thought Nash's 48 point performance coupled with the fact that Shaq doesn't appear to have been the most valuable player on his team either may have swayed your MVP comments.

And, while it took me a while to find in your archives, your plea to Mr. Harper here has clearly gone unanswered, and you are following through on your promise. Good on ya.


At 2:07 p.m., Blogger Meg Q said...

Hmmm. Perhaps Peter could "cross the aisle" in his personal life and date the lovely Dr. Ruby Dhalla, M. P. She's what, 32? And probably as p.o.'ed as any Liberal woman at the whole Belinda fracas (how they got that whole sob-sister presser together is a testament to Lib party discipline). So maybe Peter could take her out to dinner a few times . . . not a long-term commitment, just show he's still got the mojo, and Belinda's got PMPM.


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