Thursday, May 19, 2005

Screech-in at Trapper John's

Serendipitous question from Nancy, in the comments to my previous Newfoundland post: "Were ya screeched in?"

That's a big 10-4, along with a dozen or so other mainlanders. (That's Mrs. Aldini and I in the blue and orange, respectively).

I had done it before, in 1995, but since it was in Fredricton, I had to stand on seaweed and face the Atlantic. (That was also during the cod moratorium, so we had to kiss a turbot, or "steakfish", or some damn thing).

At Trapper's, the tradition is not a fish at all; the local fauna to be smooched is a puffin, ass end.

Good times. That's the mother of the groom on the right (in red), wearing a hat that I think was made from the fur of an entire walrus.


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