Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sentence fragment of the day

My favourite would have to be this one:
Um, so one of the proposals I have is this that tomorrow's vote, if, let me phrase it in the abstract, if 2 members of the Conservative Party abstained...

Hey, maybe it WAS too early to award Scumbag of the Year!

I'll reiterate something I wrote in September:
They obviously have the wrong Queen's alum as Chief of Staff. It should be this guy; I understand he's a lawyer, who also possesses at least the rudimentary organizational skills required to operate a bowling alley.

Save us, Ed!!!

ADDENDUM: I'm sure I'll regret this, but let's drag some logic into this mess. Regarding the quote above from my fellow Queen's alum Mr. Murphy, absolutely the most charitable way to interpret it, to his benefit, is this: if any two other Conservative MPs were to abstain of their own accord, without any prior discussions with the Liberals, then Murphy would assist in figuring out how they could "continue to contribute" -- from the Liberal backbenches, shurely.

And just a question: anyone spoken the words, "Let me phrase this in the abstract" recently, while attempting to be principled and straightforward?


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