Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"They appear to accept the trade-offs"

Sometimes I hate linking to a piece found via Hit & Run. It's not that I care that many of you have probably seen it already; it's that my intro-blurb could never sound as right as the one crafted by the H&R contributor. Here's Tim Cavanaugh:
Poor folks have cell phones, billionaires are running around in shades and baseball caps... It's hard to tell who's a lowlife anymore in this crazy, hill-of-beans world, but The New York Times can try, and Ron Bailey can make fun of them.

The Bailey piece, which observes that the Times appears to be fomenting a new round of class warfare, is wonderful. It also contains this fascinating nugget:
What does it say about class differences in "culture and taste" when the lowest price ticket for the NASCAR Pocono 500 is $99.00 while the cheapest ticket for Tosca at the Met is $26.00?

Not sure and don't much care, which I believe is Bailey's take as well.


At 6:43 p.m., Blogger Jay said...

H&R has got the webzine almost perfected, in my opinion. The length of posts and linked articles is just right, at least three or four new ones are up each time you refresh, and of course the lively, but rarely trolled comments section.

The print edition of Reason is pretty darn good, too. I've never considered cancelling my subscription despite the fact that the articles eventually show up online for free.


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