Thursday, June 16, 2005

If you can stand it...

...I have more word count on the Charter and Chaoulli in the comments at Let It Bleed. My regards go out to Bob for engaging this topic with vigour despite not being a constitutional specialist.

I sympathize with the position he's in. I'm an engineer, but if I were asked to comment on a pulley system, I'd frankly chicken out. It's more comfortable to spit out opinions in areas where you have no education than where you have some education.


At 9:05 a.m., Blogger sacamano said...

It would appear that Edmonton constitutional lawyer Grant Brown would agree with you.

This is his quotation from Gunter's blog:

The Court did not presume to tell the government how to provide health care in Canada, or how much to spend on it. All the Court did was find as a fact that the public monopoly needlessly endangers people's lives and security, in contravention of s. 7 of the Charter. It follows straightforwardly from s. 52 that the laws creating this situation are "of no force or effect." It would be a strangely ineffectual constitution which did not allow the Courts to protect citizens from governments that pass deliberately life-threatening laws.


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