Monday, June 13, 2005

"I'm trying to get her attention"

As should be apparent over my time here at Jerry Aldini, I'm rather loathe to absolve people of personal responsibility for their stupid, stupid decisions.

But when I consider this case of this jackass Richard Kaczmarczyk, who is on a hunger strike to get his wife to quit smoking, I do find myself reserving a little contempt for western civilization's "public health" establishment.

I guess when the hysteria you promote about the dangers of smoking is never, ever qualified in any way, then once in a while people will react to smoking with wildly disproportionate responses (see also Godwin Like You Mean It here).

Here's my proposed solution to this spousal battle: the Missus agrees to smoke only 5 cigarettes a day, lowering her health risks considerably (why yes, in case you hadn't thought about it: cigarette smoke is like every other poison in the world, in that its lethality is proportional* to the dose!). In return, Dick agrees to have a sandwich and a Zoloft.

And in a perfect world, the health czar Michelle Mandel consults for the follow-up story concedes (without reluctance) that, besides "not smoking" being healthier than "smoking", "smoking a little" is healthier than "smoking a lot".

(*Not claiming this proportionality is linear.)


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