Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Laughing, lots of laughing

A. The London Fog says it well:
You can always look to Liberal communications firm CTV for creative headlines:

O'Brien's move triggers fears of election call

I love crap like this. You know if you asked the headline writer if s/he had considered, "O'Brien's move rekindles hope for early election", the writer would laugh ("Why would I write such a biased headline?" etc.). It's "right-wing think-tank" media syndrome. Actually, the other comparison these days is the NHL contract dispute: my local sports talk guys refer to Al Strachan & Larry Brooks as writers "on the players' side" all the time; have never once referred to a single writer as being "on the owners' side"; and then they claim they're "mad at everybody" and are neutral, i.e. above it all.

2. I think I've said this before, but the blogger with the best comments is Jim Treacher. This post is killer (I love the thought that someone has mentioned "Queen of the Space Unicorns" to Dan Rather's face).

D. Is there a sports fan in North America with internet access who wouldn't want to read this book? (√ěCosby Sweater)

Due respect to the Ecosystem, but as I understand traffic, Sports Guy is to Instapundit as Instapundit is to Jerry Aldini. It's also his first book, and it's on his favourite topic; if 2-3% of his Page 2 readers want to "pay him back" by buying his book, he's got a massive bestseller on his hands (hey, then maybe Rick Reilly can start taking shots at him!).


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