Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Man on Fire

Save this one for when you have at least 10 minutes, but go read Billy Beck, and that to which he links (especially the Carl Drega story).

I'm not trying to be coy. Here's the root topic, per Kim DuToit:
Reader (and blogger) Ron S. asks the question which lies at the heart of an armed society: “At what point do you start shooting?”

What he means, of course, is the part where tyranny has become intolerable: the soap box, letter box and ballot box have become irrelevant, and what’s left is the cartridge box.

Let me make just one thing clear, before I go any further: This is not seditious talk—contained within the very heart of the Second Amendment lies the thought that one day, government gets too big for its britches.

This a worthwhile question for anyone who ever contemplates the role of government, and more importantly, the meaning of citizenship. Forget the part quoted above about "an armed society" and the Second Amendment: what would it take for you to decline to recognize the Canadian government? What would you do about it? Just because in 2005 you can hardly imagine doing so is no reason to bury the question in the Scary Thoughts Hole. What would you advise your children?

Today Canada is one of the freest countries in the world, and these questions are certainly hypothetical. Compared to the folks linked and quoted above, I certainly have a much higher pain threshold for state-exerted power, as I know most of you do. But that's really not a good excuse to hide from the question.


At 4:11 p.m., Blogger Jay said...

I've been reading Beck's chronicling of The Endarkenment for several years now, and I can't imagine a truer personification of the American Ideal.

As you point out, each person's personal "f**k off" threshold is as different as they are. What Billy's noted before, (and what I tend to agree with) is that if government had been limited to its theoretically minimal scope (police, courts, defence) you'd probably never have heard tell of people like us and we could have sucked it up and carried on. Evidence to exactly the contrary is everywhere you look. Hence all the talk of shooting wars and anarchy. Trouble is, guys like Beck are a vanishing minority in America today - they are up against herds and herds of voters reared to use government force to secure things they value. They'd be snuffed out of existence in a heartbeat.

Before it gets to that, I'd like to hold out hope for Kennedy's "Business Plan" solution. I doubt I will see either in my lifetime.


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