Monday, June 27, 2005

Nature, etc.

The Aldini family mission in the summer is to leave town as often as possible. I can't quite mentally "leave work behind" the same way as when I had a J-O-B, but it's still terrific.

Pictured below are the Aldini boys, ages Almost-5 and 14 Months. As you can plainly see, they are born campers: all they're missing is the lake- or creek-chilled beer (and please don't offer them one, as the younger will gladly accept and chug away).

The Aldini Camping All-Stars Posted by Hello

So far this year we've hit Dinosaur Provincial Park (in the Badlands) and Waterton Lakes National Park (in the Rockies near the U.S. border). Next up: Two Jack Lake, in the scenic and very popular Banff National Park.

I love summer.


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