Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Neighbourhood Watch dept.

I've been thinking for a while about a blog to add to the Mandatory Reading section in the sidebar, bringing it up to an even 10. The search is over - welcome to Sacamano at No Hugs And No Learning. Since it looks like he's running a "real blog", I'm happy to vault him straight up to the top level.

I am in fact privy to Sacamano's true identity - he is an old friend - and he should have lots of interesting things to say, as he has some really unique experiences.

The Seinfeld gimmick looks pretty promising, based on his very first post on the book tag meme. (Although I don't expect "No Learning" to actually be applicable to his meanderings; he's been a comments-lurker at this blog and many others, under a variety of handles, and has an admirably open mind).

Today he takes a characteristically non-hysterical look at performance-enhancing drugs in sport. I hope to take on this same topic soon; for now, let me just say that an absence of hysteria is the crucial first step towards making any sense of policy in this area.

I should also mention that I'm finally joining something - Alberta Blogs. I've been reluctant to do this kind of thing in the past (e.g. Red Ensign, Blogging Tories), because I have that semi-rational feeling that I want my takes to be judged on their merits, and not against the backdrop of a set of assumptions. Being on an Alberta Blogs list does no such thing, since I do live here, and it's noted at the top of my page - anyone who wants to assume I'm an Alberta crank already has ample reason to do so...

On top of that, my lowly status in the Ecosystem bruises my ego, and this is an obvious and immediate way to crank that up, maybe rising to the level of something with fur, rather than wings - or scales.


At 1:24 p.m., Blogger sacamano said...

Yikes! I'm not sure I'm up to the pressure of mandatory reading status.


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