Friday, June 17, 2005

Still married, solvent

Whoops - I just about got through the whole day without noting that it was one year ago today that Jerry Aldini - Only The Name Is Phony was launched.

As it happens, my first post of substance from that first day related to the Supreme Court of Canada; namely, the elections gag law, upheld 6-3 in a decision written by Bastarache (there is "a danger that political advertising may manipulate or oppress the voter.").

This hasn't gotten much attention in a year, so I'll haul out the best point I made for a blogiversary special:
Thanks to a law whose purported intent was "that wealth should not be used to drown out the voices of ordinary Canadians in an election", ordinary Canadians can only be heard with the leave of multi-billion dollar media conglomerates...

Regular readers of this BL*G are advised two things: the likelihood of the author retiring is remote. The likelihood of the content focus continuing to veer wildly is near certain.


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