Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Unfortunate Anniversary Dept.

Yesterday marked one calendar year since the last NHL game was played.

You should all consider yourselves lucky that I started this blog after that; you would have been subjected to frequent unhinged rantings about the Flames.

I happened to start playing hockey just outside of Calgary, at age 7, the year the Flames came to town. My Dad shared some season's tickets (until about 1999), so I got to go to games regularly at the old Corral, then the Olympic Saddledome, then the [insert name of soon-to-be bankrupt company here] Saddledome.

In September '03 I was offended that the Flames were listed as 85-1 to win the Stanley Cup (only Columbus was longer odds at 100-1), so I put down $10. It wasn't until after they beat Detroit that I really realized that my joy at a Flames Cup win would be complemented by $850, tax-free.

I was lucky enough to attend the Western Conference clincher against San Jose in the nosebleeds. Have I ever had a greater night? (My wedding reception was fun, but the best answer to this question is probably, "Not yet", and I'm pretty sure Mrs. Aldini would understand).

I actually used AutoCAD 3D to figure out if Gelinas' no-goal in Game 6 against the Lightning (that looked on TV like it was over the line, and would have won the Cup) was likely in or not. (The verdict: the refs probably made the right call).

It was a terrifically fun two months. So jeez - do I ever find it depressing to read about Tampa Bay and Calgary in last year's finals, and then be reminded that we haven't had the NHL for a year so that we can have a better system for Canadian and small-market American teams. Ugh.


At 7:46 a.m., Blogger Jay said...

I'm actually taking the opportunity to shop around for a new Sens jersey - last time I was through SportChek I noticed the discount tags on NHL paraphenalia.

I left the sickly beer, blood and whatever-else stained Practice Jersey I had back in Ottawa (on a floor somewhere) where the cursed thing belongs.

You don't harbour any Leaf sympathies do you?

At 10:25 a.m., Blogger Matt said...

The only way I'd ever cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs is if they were playing the New York Yankees. Or maybe the LA Lakers.


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