Thursday, July 07, 2005

Frontrunner for Sportsman of the Year

I haven't thought too deeply about all possible contenders, but what Roger Clemens is doing right now, 4 weeks shy of his 43rd birthday, is nothing short of astounding.

His road ERA right now is a that-must-be-a-typo 0.20. He's pitched 46 innings away from home, and has allowed a grand total of ONE EARNED RUN: a 2-out, solo homer to Colorado's Preston Wilson, in a game he left after 7 innings with a 4-run lead.

His 2.22 ERA at his home Minute Maid Park is tremendous as well; recall that in its previous incarnation as Enron Field, the park was affectionately nicknamed Ten-Run Field.

Here in 2005, we're mostly over the shock of having athletes perform well past their 40th birthdays. The top athletes take great care of themselves. But to see a guy having a career year at age 42, when you could plausibly argue he's already had two Hall-of-Fame careers, is inspirational to this sports fan.


At 5:30 p.m., Blogger Andy Grabia said...

Too bad he gets almost zero run support. He could be at 15 wins already.


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