Monday, August 15, 2005

I'm back, at least physically...

The Aldini clan is back from a delightful trip to Vancouver Island, complete with westbound stops along the Trans-Canada, and eastbound stops along parts of the North Cascades Highway, Grand Coulee, and Spokane.

I may choose to bore you with more details (and photos!) another day. For now, I would like to thank a couple of fellow web-based commentators for a fun meet-up a couple of Fridays ago.

The family and I were laid over in Vancouver for a couple of nights until a Saturday afternoon ferry. (Sidebar: what a tremendous first impression of Vancouver for a first-time visitor (by car) to Vancouver like Mrs. Aldini. East Hastings Street ("it's dirty and sad, but not dangerous") is the route between the #1 WB and downtown. Charming.)

Anyway, it so happened the Calgary Stampeders were playing the B.C. Lions on the Friday night, so I met up for beers and football with the tremendously genial J. Jardine and the now-much-less-mysterious Mapmaster, and a good time was had by me.

We had good laffs at the B.C. Place crowd: in short, at least from our endzone perspective, it was the polar opposite of the stereotype of left-coast hippie stoners. Basically a lot of booze, hooting, skin, and skank. Absolutely awesome. You almost could have confused them for an enthusiatic American crowd-- except that the upper deck was closed off, and the PA announcer had to tell them when to cheer for the defense.

Refreshments before and after were at the Yaletown Brewing Co., where the beer was tasty, and our 4th chair was politely borrowed by future hall-of-fame That Guy this guy.

Far-from-intense discussions were had of current events and weblogging. Many of you other bloggers out there are the source of inspiration and bouts of critical thinking. Many more of you are laughed at mercilessly. :)

Thanks lads - I hope to do it again sometime.


At 9:14 a.m., Blogger Chris Selley said...

Not dangerous, my Aunt Fanny! There are only two streets in the world on which I have chosen to ignore red lights: Jefferson Ave in Detroit, and East Hastings. But there's nothing there that dynamite, water cannons, and about ten million CCs of methadone couldn't clean up.

At 11:42 a.m., Blogger Matt said...

I heard that before the world descends for the 2010 Olympics, water cannons is the way they're going to go.

I dunno though, Chris. I'm not that big, and down the three worst blocks I figured I could kick the ass of every person I saw with my bare, errr, rubber-gloved hands.

There seems to be a decent police presence there right now; maybe the cleanup has already begun.

At 8:26 p.m., Blogger MapMaster said...

Welcome back to reality! I can't believe you remember the guy who took away the chair. It was a pleasure to meet you, Matt, and if I'm ever out in Alberta, which I hope to be some day, I'll give you a holler. Cheers,


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