Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jan Harder: Hero

Via Bound By Gravity, I find this update on how the Mardi Gras promotion is going at Ottawa Renegades games, as reported by the in-famous Earl Mcrae:
It's on the cusp of all-out war: The City of Ottawa versus Cuddles Glieberman versus the City of Ottawa.

Back down, the city has told Cuddles.

No way, Cuddles has told the city.

Cuddles says the city has no right in the brassieres of the fans.

An enraged city councillor Jan Harder: "Lonie Glieberman's an arrogant little bitch. I'm not willing to tolerate it. If he won't end it, I will."

Cuddles, aka Lonie, is a boy by-the-way. I see Councillor Harder is using some obvious horseshit to bolster her point:
"I've had a number of complaints to my office from parents whose daughters have been harassed -- 'c'mon take it off, show us your boobs' -- and the girls don't know what they're talking about. He's a classless twit. If he thinks he's got a winning football team, then sell that."

Well, I guess zero and one both qualify as "a number", right? Seriously folks, read the article, just to visualize the multiple meetings most certainly already undertaken by City and Lansdowne Park officials ("Is this the kind of image we want to create for our community?", oh for F... ...).

I also liked this snippet:
"The perception of Mardi Gras -- New Orleans style -- is one where lewd behaviour and booze prevail. This is not a good mix in a sports environment, in our opinion." - Richard Hancock. Lansdowne Park manager

Two words: O-K-BUDDY! That must be why the NFL keeps the Super Bowl away from New Orleans at all costs, why there's never been a Final Four there, etc. etc...


At 7:01 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Save yourself a trip to the big not-so-easy, as the Renegades' management has halted the Mardi Gras promotion. Next on the chopping block: tailgating parties.

If we Ottawanionians could channel our petty indignation into something more useful (say, an effort to fix the stinkin' roads), we'd have a city with, well, better roads. And a lot less petty indignation.


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