Thursday, September 08, 2005

Attempt at parody falls short

Onion Headline: Officials Uncertain Whether To Save Or Shoot Victims

California paramedics:
Just as dusk set in, a Gretna Sheriff showed up, jumped out of his patrol vehicle, aimed his gun at our faces, screaming, "Get off the fucking freeway". A helicopter arrived and used the wind from its blades to blow away our flimsy structures. As we retreated, the sheriff loaded up his truck with our food and water.

Their account is absolutely horrifying. And anyone who thinks that governments' failures in the wake of Katrina are attributable to the incompetency of select individuals, or their bloody party affiliation, is a straight-up moron. Perry de Havilland:
We have heard accounts by authorities of crazed looters inexplicably shooting at contractors who were just trying to repair essential infrastructure. You know what? Maybe that is what happened and maybe not. I find myself thinking the official version of a great deal of what went on is far from the truth.

What? Nooo!!! Worldview...crumbling...

UPDATE: See Perry's addendum in the comments:
Oh I agree that final judgement should be reserved until we know for sure if this story is true. Moreover it may be 'true' in crude terms but a misrepresentation of why these things happened. That is why I wrote "Unless this account proves to be a hoax or a gross misrepresentation of what happened..."

It is always important to retain a critical eye.

But that said, to turn things around, please do not just assume it is not true just because it is displeasing to think public 'servants' would behave that way.

Either way I would like this story to get aired so that either it is debunked (which frankly I would prefer as I hate to think that is really what happened) or it is confirmed and some serious repercussions occur as a result.

If the people who wrote it are in fact socialists, I must say there is a certain sweet irony to it, seeing as the laudable actions and spontaneous order about which they wrote are pure non-coerced 'civil society' at work and the malevolent hand of the state is very mechanism they advocate as the solution to the world's woes.

UPDATE2: Some corroboration. (ÞFlit)


At 5:31 p.m., Blogger Greg said...

If that white sheriff in Gretna didn't vote for Bush, the Republican's whole "Southern Strategy" of the last 35 years has gone for naught. Somehow, I can't see him voting for Kerry.


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