Friday, September 02, 2005

"It will take a miracle"

Bruce Gottfred has noted a grim assessment of the mid- and long-term outlook for New Orleans. Oh, boy: anticipate what the city must go through now, after damming up its broken levees and pumping the floodwaters back into Lake Pontchartrain, is heartbreaking.

If you don't find it heartbreaking, I suppose one thing you could do is use the occasion, for the 450th time, to remind people that you have no sympathy for the poor. Hey, we all have our cherished concepts that we like to beat like a cheap drum at possibly insensitive times - see below. But the forceful lack of compassion demonstrated here is, to me, astonishing:
The National Guard didn't react quickly enough? Gee, I dunno, I guess most of us figured that normal people could control their impulses adequately, could do simple things like stay calm, line up and so forth, until help arrived. Maybe they'd, oh, I dunno, help each other as best they could.

What the fuck does she think normal people were doing? I've watched a fair bit of coverage, and I've seen pictures of a few hundred people looting, and tens of thousands hiding from the sun on sidewalks and highways.

Shaidle seems to believe that people getting off the bus at the Astrodome, after living through several days of violent disorder amongst human waste, should be saying something like, "I feel guilty that I didn't leave before the storm, I apologize to y'all for putting you through this trouble, thank you." Oh, and that these people are who she'd see in 10-second clips on CNN.

If Kathy Shaidle doesn't like being accused of racism, my suggestion is to be a lot more careful about the behaviour and attitudes she's attributing without cause to the "normal people" being evacuated from New Orleans. It's also baffling that she would go on a rant like this, at a time like this, when anyone with an ounce of human relations sense could tell you that, like yelling at a waitress, it reflects more on the ranter than the subject. Just keepin' it real, I guess.


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