Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Weird Things

The man (?) with the shortest alias in the blogosphere has tagged me with the "5 Weird Things" meme. What the heck--any excuse to make a monthly post here, I say!

1. Not only do I usually skip breakfast, but I also usually skip lunch. Your average weekday sees me consume nothing but coffee until supper time. I'm just not hungry.

2. I get "embarrassed" listening to call-in shows, even about trivial things like hockey, when I'm alone. If a caller says something particularly stupid, I'm compelled to turn the radio off rather than hear it play out.

3. I haven't seen Titanic. Or any of the last 3 Star Wars movies. I just saw the Godfather last year (turns out I was missing something!).

4. I'd rather drive my own crappy car than someone else's nice car. Cause, you know, it's mine, I guess.

5. I frequently call my sons "Boy", a la Homer and Bart Simpson. This isn't so much weird as quasi-abusive, I suppose, but whatever.

Looks like everyone else has already done this thing, so I won't pass it on. See you next month, or you can visit me at the other place. Go Flames.


At 10:22 a.m., Blogger Babbling Brooks said...

#2? That's me all over. I'm at the point where I preemptively turn off the radio when call-in shows start because I know at some point someone's going to say something stupid and I'm going to have to anyhow. My wife laughs at me about it. She'll be watching the opening episodes of one of the singing Idol shows - the ones where they show all the really bad singers who think they're all that - and I'll have to get up and leave the room. She tried to guilt me into sitting on the couch with her through one awhile back and I squirmed - physically squirmed - so much she banished me.

But you're still more a freak than me. Skipping meals? Heresy.


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